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12 February 2015 @ 05:33 pm

I still remember the first fish I ever caught..  when I was about 5, my dad and older and I went out to a river by Grande Cache.  We spent the day in relative comfort.  But these aren't the things I remember just what I've been told.  What I recall is finally reeling in the little fighter and standing proudly as my dad took a picture of the event..  Also something that's kinda fuzzy..  but I remember it..   now this is where my memory kicks in..   at the end of the day I remember running into the house fully excited and stoked to show my mum what I had caught..  On the camera..  so I pulled open the back of it..  and ruined all the pictures on the camera.   Including the first fish I'd ever landed..   I dont remember the good part of the day but I remember the disappointed look on my dad's face.  As a 5 year old that's tough to understand I mean I get it..  he wasn't mad at me or disappointed in me..  but disappointed that I'd lost a photo he would have liked to have.   I miss doing things with family.   Wish we could get together more often when it's not -30