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21 August 2012 @ 11:38 am

Wasp stung me... In the ocular socket.. Trapped itself under my sunglasses and went to fricken town.. Almost 37 stingfree years.. And I finally got nailed.. At least I got it in a memorable location.. Quadding down hwy 2 with my dog running beside me :)

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01 May 2011 @ 10:03 pm
Personally.. I think he's just another man that is part of an organization. And this organization is going to be pissed. See what they did unprovoked nearly 10 years ago? I pray that the retaliation isn't severe and shut down quickly.. But I'm bracing myself for it.

On a better note..

This last week I dragged my wife out 3 times to run with me.. Well she ran twice.. And watched me run the night race.. It went well.. Well.. Not great.. But pretty good.. Finished in a decent time 11km in 1:16.. On a trail I'm pretty happy with that time.. I can knock off alot more time by the half marathon in September..

This week...

I will run 3 times.. After the 14km this weekend I'm guessing about oh.. 5-9km per run.. And there we go..

Life continues on with our goals and achievements..

My baby boy is still awake at 10.. Little bugger :)
24 April 2011 @ 11:39 am
Sunday- 8km
Wednesday- 10km
Saturday- 10.5km night trail run.. First in a series of trail runs working it's way to a half marathon. Each getting harder as the series continues..


Should be a pretty decent little run as the 5peaks crew put on a hell of a race. I'm going to make a vlog of the event and the running each week.
22 April 2011 @ 10:27 am
Well.. lets see.. It's currently Good Friday.. I'm not sure what this means to you.. but to me it means spending the day at home with the kids while my parents, and wife are out visiting and studying.. SO I 'm trying to think of things to keep them busy while I slack off and try to get things done around the house.. so no not really slack off..

My sinuses are really bothering me.. I've consistently over the last oh.. year woken up every day clogged and breathing through my nose has been next to impossible without some sort of medication or Nose Spray.. Which I know just damages it more over a prolonged period of time.. I wish I could say it was from an allergy or I was sick.. but sadly it's just an inherited problem from my Dad.. We just have shitty Sinuses.. SO I'm going to have to seek some medical way of fixing this little issue.. mainly because I hate mouth breathers.. and I have no interest in becoming one.

Lets see... Oh I'm finished school once again so I'm a 4th Year Electrical Apprentice.. However.. with all the UofA courses I've finished up.. I interviewed for a Project Coordinator position at the company I currently work for.. and I got it.. I still have several more courses before I get the Official Construction Administration Certificate but I'll be finishing those up over the next two semesters and I'll be getting my J/man ticket and will move into a Project Manager position around the same time. Long Term goal is to be 100% off the tools in the next year.

Wife and Kids... Well lets see.. My wife writes her Finals this week and thus brings her education to an close. Well kinda.. she has to write a Board Exam and then continues on with some more UofA courses in Orthodontics. We are coming up to our 3rd Anniversary in June and are hoping to spend some good Family time up at the Lake Lot this year. I dunno what I did in a past life but I got incredibly lucky when we got together. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive, kind, hard working woman. She has helped me in so many different ways that I couldn't even begin to list them here.. Lets just say I'm Better now.. The kids.. Breanna is 7 and is finishing up Grade 2 this year and is involved in Gymnastics and Soccer.. I've seen her grow up over the last 3.5 years into a Kind, caring little girl.. Easton is 4 and is he is also in Gymnastics.. I am just starting to be able to do things with him mainly because I had no idea what to do with a little kid.. The adoption process with these Two is complete and I am officially their Dad now.. Justin is 2.5 and he is well.. a Boy.. he trashes thing.. Hits.. Yells.. and is talking a ton.. Not everything makes sense and he mixes up things like"Now" and "Please" but we correct him.. My dad and I took them all out Ice Fishing a couple times over the winter.. They had fun.. and I got a bunch of pictures..

Running.. I ran several times over the winter but I don't think I actually got "Into" it as much as I probably should have.. I can totally feel the difference of when I'm Running and Not Running as my Knees start to Ache when I'm not running.. Seems strange in my head to think.. that being active causes me no pain.. But when I'm not active I start to ache.. So anyways.. I have signed up for several Trail Runs over the Summer and have committed myself to attempting a Solo Attempt at the DeathRace in 2012. The runs this Summer are the 16-18km 5 Peaks series.. there are 5 of them and 1 Half Marathon.. One a month Starting shit.. Next Weekend.. So I had better get out several times over the next week to loosen up my legs. It's a relatively easy Run.. but it's at night so.. headlamps and tripping.. All good.. Also.. I plan on videoing and doing a training vlog on Youtube for the DeathRace so that'll be my newest project..
08 March 2011 @ 01:13 pm

That's where I'm sitting... I'm reading about wye theory.. Why? Cause I'm an electrician and we should know wye theory.. Well I'm not sure if I'm actually still an electrician... Umm. I'm actually a project coordinator now.. For an electrical company.. But I'm still getting my ticket. So that means... Umm dunno.. But having my ticket Is pretty much mandatory.

Ran 10km last night. It was cold.. I'm working my way up to several major runs this summer so I guess I should be running.. However important lesson learned... Cold weather=cold junk... I need to get better undergarments!! Aaahhh. Alberta.. Fu and your -19 temps.

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28 December 2010 @ 04:22 pm
And another Christmas has come and gone. I hope it was filled with family/friends and fun.. Mine was exhausting.. with the many kids, many relatives, sick kid, little dog.. ya it was a pretty long day.. Nice to see the kids enjoy all the stuff that we got them.. strange how Star Wars toys are still a huge seller.. Something that I played with in my Youth is being enjoyed by little kids nowadays. I don't enjoy them as much as I used to but heh I guess years of growing up and growing old.. Takes the imagination out of ya.. Hell I don't even play WoW anymore.. just no time with real life going on at the same time.

I start up at the UofA in January 2 nights a week and every Saturday till the end of Feb.. Its a couple months of taking things like Project Costing, Admin Control, Project Management and such... After thats all done I'm hoping to be off the tools entirely and into a little more White Collared work.. Estimating, Project Management.. that kinda thing. Will make the years of working/schooling a little more bearable not following the lead of idiots.. and being the idiot directing people instead.. Besides I'm getting to old to be busting my ass daily.. however I'm not so much anymore as I have a couple guys below me that are doing the labourer work.

So concerns of me today.. Looks like my Fridge needs to be replaced, Justin is sick but getting better, M is going back for her 2nd half of school, Lack of time..

Oh, and we picked up a d90 Nikon dSLR.. so M is using the d40 and I'll be using the d90.. we can actually take pictures as a team now..

Took the dog to the Dog park today... she did really good wasn't barking at everything that moved so it's good to see her starting to calm down a little and able to play/run with the other dogs out on the field without losing her mind..

Oh and I went hunting a couple times this year..

and I still have my Jeep..

21 December 2010 @ 08:55 pm
heh Well.. less then a Week to go till Xmas Day!! WooHoo!! and it's been another several months since I've updated.. hhmm.. lets see.. I'm still working, was put in charge, almost done at the U of A.. but more importantly.. for my inner soul.. I've been chasing a little passion I've had for ages.. and I am taking photographs.. yes.. Pictures.. I'm not very good yet BUT I'm learning.. and thats what life is about ;)

OH Side note.. I totally sold the 68 Beetle that this account was named after.. hmm I wonder if there is anyway to change user names ;)

Still married, still have kids, still happy and everyone is still healthy.. Life is Pretty Good.. I'm going to update a little more but I want to run upstairs and spend a couple minutes with my Wife.. Chat Soon!!

I took this picture..
26 September 2010 @ 12:39 am
Ever known...

His name is Bill... he's my older brother. I've known him for as long as I can remember... when we were younger he made some dumb moves.. but he grew into the person he is today.. I admire so many things about him that it is tough to pick just one thing... but the one thing I will decide on tonight is Stability... Bill has remained the same through out our adult lives... I've jumped all over the place and Bill has remained Bill... I admire my brother more than I think he will ever know.. or even cares to know but that is the way he is... He takes care of what is his.... his family.. I've yet to see him fail on anything he sees as important.. he grows each year into something I would like to see myself growing into.. and he does it without knowing he is doing it.. I've seen him go from stupid.. to becoming the powerhouse that he is today.. and I hope to become half the Dad/Man/husband he is...

Sucks that it took SO long for me to start seeing my brother for the Man he is.. and the distance makes it so very hard to spend some quality time with him,..

I'm 35... I left Campbell River when I was 22... thats 13 years I've spent away from my brother.. his family.. and my family.. ugh... shit I had better start making that better...
20 September 2010 @ 10:39 pm
Of trying things I havnt. I have rifles now... I never had them before.. Ever... But I have a couple here now.. I'm going to go hunting with my dad. I've never had any interest in it before and I never did understand what my brother and dad got out of it... So I'm going to give it try...

Summer has come and gone I think we got oh... About 6 weeks of decent weather... On the weekends... And rain/clouds/thunder and lightening... This is the third year I've had out here like this in a row.. So I'm finishing up my courses at the UofA this year.. I finish my trade in about 6 months.. And I'm looking at moving the family back out to BC.. My initial instinct is to head out to Nanaimo.. Which a very real possibility or into central BC.. Either way I'm kissing Alberta good bye in the next year or so. Not all that excited about moving back onto the island due to being trapped on it.. But I miss the ocean and pretty much every hobby I have and enjoy doing revolves around it and the island has more to offer in a closer area.. Michelle and I are seriously talking about our options.. She finishes her course in June so both of us are skilled and able to go anywhere in Canada. Now to decide where.. Albertas been great but I think the chapter here is closing...
08 September 2010 @ 02:49 pm
And the beat goes on... Last updated in February of 0 ten... Crazy.. That was umm.. 7 months ago.. Pretty impressive ability to slack right the fuck off.. And let things slide.. Back in Nait at the moment.. Only here for like a month more then back out to work.. With the economy taking the dive it did and the goodness that is swine flu I am no longer a geological student and have fallen back onto the electrical trade for the time being. Well to be fair I kinda wanted to finish the ticket off anyways so I went back to back to back for school and am currently a 3rd year.. Working on 4th in nait at the moment..

I'm kinda pissed off because I made two stupid mistakes on an exam and it tok my mark from a mid 90's to a 65... I know I'm not the greatest student but making 2 mistakes shouldn't slpam you down 30%... Oh well I know what I did wrong and won't make that mistake again. But with that my motivation and frustration level kinda hit a max.. So i'm taking a breather.. Before I scream "Fuck You Nait!" why unearth would they design their tests to trick and set people up for failure.. If your working on testing our knowledge then if you look back at the exam and see the fucking process is completely sound and that a mathematical error was made putting my number off by 2.. So a zero out of five and a zero out of 4 shouldn't drop a grade that much.. It's still a pass but it's a pass that makes me angry enough to spit in the face of the people who write these questions... Nait breeds failures.. Under paid failures..

And with that said and done..

Another month of this place and I'm gone.. And I don't want to come back for at least 6 months to do the j/man portion which lucky for me isn't until march so that's a small break.. But the evening courses at the UofA start up in a week or so.. So bah.. If I can't do what I want to do then I'll go to the top of what it is I am forced to do.. And won't touch another tool or stand in the freezing cold while the guys that did what I am in the process of doing sit in their offices and tell guys like I am now what to do.. But the pay is fantastic...

I'm just a little pissed at this course at the moment. It will pass soon and I'll get moving again like I was...